Learn About Under The Arm Shoulder Holsters

  • Okay we've talked about strong sides, support side shoulder holsters and we are going to get into under the arm holster which I have right here. What would happen is they've become a little bit cumbersome to put on. Sometimes a downright discomfort but they still have their place in law implementation.


    Most times you will find detectives in larger cities who assess this or this could be used as a backup gun holster to solid side hip carry. What happened is this would go through and other side would come over. This strap will connect to your belt, snap to secure it and keep. It in place and if it is snuggly under your shoulder Holsters which is if you had on a jacket, it would less likely be detectable.


    Again, a lot of detectives use this as a backup weapon. Maybe a smaller caliber but they put it under here with easy detection.Everyone expects to find a Shoulder holster weapon on either hip but nobody really thinks to look under the arm . Again, a little bit weighty. They have all different name brand and models. This model here happens to be called nylon. It comes with an extra magazine should you need it that you carry on the opposite side.


    It is adjustable so it doesn't matter how big you are or you can change it to your size. A little bit noisy because it is Velcro. Sometimes Velcro changes around and gives away a position or something. It all depends on what your comfort level is Shoulder holster. They come in leather, nylon obviously with Velcro. But again, good choice if you are trying to conceal. If you are trying to carry more than one weapon, excellent for a second or holdup weapon right here for the under-arm draw.