5 Ways to Manage your Diet for Diabetes


Since I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 11, my own diet has changed dramatically. I have developed a good diet/eating plan to maintain my current healthy weight. If you do plan to lose weight more than just a stone, then I will see a doctor to get more risk-free tips.

I have been suffering from diabetes for seven years, but telling you how to maintain a perfect weight is completely wrong for me. However, I suggest you follow my steps because I know what works and what does not work. Before I actually start, I must also say that I was raised by great parents who taught me to eat, so I did it! If you don’t like certain things, there are many other diabetes recipes and ideas that you will eat and appreciate.
I am a college student and I like to buy fresh organic products from where I live. I think this is important because it can be the most beneficial to your body and contains more nutrients and vitamins than most supermarket products. I want to buy food from the town’s bi-weekly farmers’ market, which sells amazing meat and dairy products as well as fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Another important thing to remember is that eating fruits and vegetables during the season means that they not only taste better, but are good for you. Like you would say, I am heavily influenced by Western European cuisine (mainly French and Italian), but I don’t claim to be a chef, and everything is easy to make and very convenient.
I read countless diet books and diabetes recipes/diet books, and I came to the conclusion that I think it really works. I combined all the good things in dieting (but not every diet is combined), and combined my own diet. I call it “a healthy diet for juvenile diabetes”!

The “rules” I want to make are as follows:

  1. Reduce snacks, and then change the type of snacks you eat.
    Of course, my biggest mistake is not obvious to me. When I first started studying in university, I had few routines, which meant that I had a difficult day at work and often went to the kitchen for snacks, no matter how healthy I felt. For some people, this is one of the hardest things, but establishing good routines is essential for good diabetes care. The types of snacks that can be eaten include unsalted nuts, unsweetened dried fruits, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables (I like fresh red peppers and cucumbers), dark chocolate (more dense and delicious, usually only 2 square meters).
  2. Reduce white flour and eat whole wheat carbohydrates.
    This is the most important part of the diet and can show the greatest weight loss effect. In fact, some eating habits focus on this and are very successful. Whole-grain foods (especially stone-ground whole-grain foods) are so beneficial to you, and the flavor is richer, that switching is much easier than you think. Most people are very surprised by the bread you can buy in the supermarket. Remember again, the bread that suits you best is the freshest, without preservatives or the least added ingredients. In addition, brown rice or basmati rice is also very good, and full of nutty flavor. Whole wheat pasta is great, and for your potatoes, I would totally recommend smaller new potatoes.
  3. Stop drinking cocktails and start drinking red wine.
    The cocktail is full of sugar, coloring and preservatives. As a student, I often go out to practice and don’t drink cocktails, so if I feel that I have to drink something and stay up all night, then my preferred drinks are Malibu and Diet Coke. Then, I can add Diet Diet Coca-Cola (almost no sugar in it), it looks as if I am drinking Malibu, which is well known. If you are outside a restaurant, red wine is better than any other product you can order (except water, of course!), and it turns out that the antioxidants in red wine are great for keeping your heart healthy. The recommended amount is one dinner and one cup per day.
  4. Start cooking more fruits and vegetables.
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. There are many ways to cook vegetables, but the best I find is to eat them raw and steam them. Both methods retain all their natural advantages. I will post another article about diabetes recipes after this article.
  5. Drink plenty of water.
    I know you have heard many people say this before, but the benefits of drinking more water are endless. Some tips on how to add more water to your life are to start by putting a few bottles of water everywhere in your home or work. Therefore, put one on your own table, one on the table, and one glass in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. Try to drink all these glasses, you will have 8 glasses per day. The trick is to add one cup every few days or so. If you try to drink all of the water at once, you will no longer be inclined to drink 8 cups, trust me! Go ahead, you will be amazed.

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