Healthy Heart Awareness

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Healthy heart awareness will appear in February. Do you really know if you have a healthy heart? How do we know? We only know after it happened. We always think that this will not happen to us. Having a healthy body can make your heart healthy. So here are some tips to keep your body healthy

1. You need to take very good vitamins. what does that mean? expensive? Do not. What I mean is that vitamins will dissolve in your body, so your body will benefit from them. I only know a kind of fructose compound vitamin that can absorb 95% of the vitamin, not just through our body, thus benefiting our body. What is a fructose compound? Fructose is the natural fructose that cells crave and is easily absorbed in the blood.

This process aims to bind fructose molecules to minerals in advance so that minerals will not be combined with nutrients in the digestive system. Fructose complex minerals are designed to be more easily absorbed into the blood and delivered to your cells, and then to your tissues, organs and other parts of the body. So as to keep your body healthy.

2. Exercise-You need to keep your body moving. We assume that at least 10,000 steps are taken every day. The best way to monitor is to fasten the walking monitor to a belt or pants. Then track how many steps you have performed, and then determine if they are aerobic. This will make your heart beat faster. When your heart beats faster, your body will move and your body will get better.

3. Food-We need to eat more vegetables and less processed foods. We need to go back to dinner instead of using simple and fast processed foods. I belong to this category. I am retraining myself to make better choices for my family. Life is very busy, it will be easier to use light meals. Tip: Set it as home cooking day on Sunday. Let everyone in the kitchen eat five dinners a week. After cooling, put it into the freezer. Then take the dinner out of the refrigerator during the week and thaw it in the refrigerator at work. This is a thing of habit, but it makes Sunday very unforgettable.

These are simple changes, but they can save you or your loved ones from very serious things. Just make some good changes and you can have a healthier life.


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