7 Diabetes Foot Care Tips

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

If you have diabetes, information about how to manage the condition is vital to your health.

If you don’t pay attention to your feet, you risk sores or infections, and in the worst case, amputations. Just like my father-in-law. Reduce the risk of infection or amputation by combining the following 7 foot care techniques…
1) Check your feet every day-especially if your feet have low sensitivity or no feeling. Sores, cuts and scrapes may go unnoticed, and you may have problems leading to amputation.

2) Do not walk barefoot even indoors. It’s easy to step on something or toes and cut yourself. Protect your feet with socks/stockings

3) If there is corn or calluses, please pay more attention. Please consult your doctor or podiatrist for the best method of care.
4) Wash your feet with warm water every day. And don’t soak your feet (even if you are standing all day) because it may dry out your skin and form cracks or sores.

5) Take special care to make the feet completely dry, especially between the toes. These are natural moisture collectors-moisture or dampness can cause various problems.

6) Exercise the legs and feet regularly. You can rotate your ankles even while sitting. Twist your toes or move your legs up and down. These can make your blood circulation smooth and help minimize the risk of foot diseases.
7) Professional inspection of the feet at least once a year to check for sensitivities and signs of any problems. This can usually be arranged when you check your AC1 level (blood sugar level during the three-month period), blood pressure and cholesterol every year.

Always pay attention to your feet. Get help from a relative or professional; if you cannot bend while trimming your nails or checking for sores, consult a doctor, diabetic nurse or podiatrist. Taking these simple measures will help you reduce the risk of painful problems.


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