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After Western scientists first began to study the personal effects of speculation in the 1970s, they noticed that as meditators relax, their heart rate, sweat, and other signs of stress will decrease. Scientists like Dr. Richard Davidson (of State University), in addition to long-term research, have been thinking about it.

In 1992, Davidson was invited by the 14th Dalai Lama to come to the Northern Republic of India to outline the brains of the most important meditators and Buddhist monks in the world. Davidson took the laptop, generator and EEG recording equipment to Bharat and started the work in progress.

Now, the monk travels to his WI laboratory, wherever they go while chewing in the magnetic imager, or when the EEG records their reaction to understand how they adjust the elicited reaction, watching unpleasant visual images.

Any active activity-including-will create new avenues and strengthen certain areas of thought. Harvard neuroscientist Stephen Kosslyn (Stephen Kosslyn) said in the New York Times (September 14, 2003): “This is in line with the full content of neuroscience expertise.” Taxi drivers deliberately consider their spatial memory, while music Musicians consider its tone.

You have to do anything, even play table tennis, 20 hours a day, eight hours a day, there will always be something in your mind that is different from what the WHO has not done. This must be done. “Three forms of the monk model: 1) Concentrating on a single object for a long time 2) Cultivating compassion by thinking about situations that cause anger and turning negative emotions into compassion; 3) “Opening to existence” and being aware of existence No reaction to any thoughts, emotions or feelings. “After understanding the brains of the monks,

Davidson decided to recognize the impact on new plants. He organized a meditation session with 41 employees of a biotech company near the Wisconsin River (Psychosomatic Medicine 65: 564-570, 2003). 20 -The five participants were enlightened with “mindfulness”, which is a form of stress reduction that can promote people’s current non-judgmental awareness, and is taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

They learn about practice in 7-hour retreats and weekly courses. During the week of these 8 calendar months, these participants were asked to think about 60 minutes on each Clarence Day and think about abdominal pain for 6 days at a time. Before teaching, brain measurements were taken for the remainder of eight weeks and four months later.

Measurements show that there is an increase in physical processes in the frontal area of ​​the left visual field on the left, “area related to the State Council with reduced anxiety and active excitement”. Similarly, during the remaining 8 weeks, the participants and 16 controls did not consider getting a flu vaccine to test their immune response. Researchers collected blood samples from them one month and two months after the injection, and they found that meditators had more antibodies to influenza virus than non-meditators.


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