how to mentally cleanse your aura

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Our halo has 7 layers.
When we use meditation and try to “clean”, we must clean every layer. Many new-age mystics just tell you to imagine and imagine that the white light will come down and swallow your entire aura, sometimes the effect is not good.

I usually clean every layer during the cleaning process.

First perform some kind of relaxation program, such as counting from 1 to 10, or to yourself over and over again, go upstairs, downstairs, and repeat until you feel bored and sleepy, or you can get some relaxing music to help you reach alpha or Theta’s brain state.

After completing this operation, please say to yourself: “I am at level 1” and move your consciousness from head to toe, and vice versa. The idea is to scan your level 1 obstacles. Once you feel “something”, Transfer your consciousness here,
It should “melt” or disperse. If it still exists, try to breathe its colour, you have to try to remove the colour of obstacles, and then repeat the same steps for all other levels, for example.

I am at level 2 and I am at level 3. When you say this, you are saying that you want to use Intent to adjust to the next level. The intent is the power to change the level. Sometimes, if you are at level 1 and feel that you are 1 foot ahead and cannot get out of the car, try the usual colour breathing method, which may be because the blockage is actually caused by other reasons. Level, for example. At level 3, if you move your consciousness to level 3, you can usually remove obstacles.

Sometimes when you move your consciousness into an obstacle, you get an “impression” like a past event, or sometimes it plays like a movie in your mind, which is usually the cause of the blockade.